Just Trying To Keep My Marriage Spicy

When we were at the beginning of our marriage, young and in love you could say, it was so easy to keep everything fun and light. There were disagreements of course, but it was all petty and little things. We were learning who we were as a couple and learning to live together. We had so much fun all the time, dated constantly, and we were just present with each other instead of getting pulled in a million different directions. However, as time went on life got more complicated and things weren’t carefree and easy like they once were. Basically we just got busy. We brought two beautiful babies into this world, he started a career, I got another college degree. They were all amazing but very time-consuming things. We had to make more conscious efforts to be present with each other, and sometimes we failed. We would start to get into a rut and then we would talk about it and realize we both just needed a break and craved time together.

2019 kicked the crap out of our family, physically, mentally, spiritually, pretty much every way possible. In some ways, it made our marriage stronger than it has ever been. In other ways, it has left us so exhausted that it is hard to have anything left to give each other. We both always know we have each other which almost gives us an excuse to put each other on the back burner when other stuff is going on that takes up all of our time and energy. We once again had a talk about staying intentional with each other and making sure that we take time for each other. It has helped, the days are so much better when we are on the same page. I have been thinking of how I can get us back to where we once were when everything was so light and fun. We used to mess with each other all the time, sometimes until one of us would get annoyed but it was fun.

I used to be fun, I used to be spontaneous and really in the moment and I figured maybe I could still be, even though I haven’t felt like myself lately. Turns out, I can still be spontaneous but I have also always been un-graceful and apparently I still am. John had a rough day and was laying on the bed watching tv and reading emails and I decided to try to cheer him up by tackling him. I mean, what could possibly go wrong. As I leaped through the air like a beautiful frolicking gazelle, midflight something went wrong. I fell from the air like a lumpy sack of potatoes and smoked him right in the face. His glasses fell off and his phone went flying into the abyss. I was laughing so hard I lost all strength in my body and just had to lay there stuck and drooling. I guess you could say it went well, he was for sure thinking I was the sexiest thing on the planet. I mean as my hair was stuck to the slobber on my face how could he not think I was God’s gift to earth. It’s fine, I’ll try again on his next bad day. I am pretty sure I can stick the landing next time, but for now, I will just keep trying to not be a brat and keep loving on him even when I want to punch him. That should keep our marriage nice and spicy I would think. Love, Sarah

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