Finding Peace in the Pieces.

Life is crazy, isn’t it? One day everything seems to be falling into place and then the next it seems like everything is falling apart. All of the things that made your life what it was abruptly ripped into a million pieces. You look around but you don’t see the way up and it all just feels so heavy. The pressure in your chest, the shortness in your breath, the constant fatigue…and you are simply just tired. Tired of getting your hopes up to be hurt again. Tired of finding an ounce of peace just to have it taken away before you even got to enjoy it. You are just…tired.

So what do we do with that. What do we do with the pieces of us that were so ungracefully ripped apart. What do we do with the life we no longer recognize. Do we solely focus on the broken pieces. On the pain that steals away our sleep in the night. The pain that takes away any joy we may have had in that moment. The ache in our stomach that takes away our hope when we look toward the future. Do we focus on all of that?

Or do we fight.

Fight for the life we deserve. Fight to not be the person we were before it all fell apart, but fight to be better—to be stronger. Fight for that light at the end of the tunnel, and when we can’t see that light, fight to find it. Fight to have a life we can find joy in, a life we can find peace in. We fight—even if the only reason being because we can. We are still here to fight when people are robbed of that everyday. We still have a chance.

Six weeks ago my brother in law unexpectedly passed away. A couple nights later after we arrived my sister-in-law and I stayed up late talking and watching tv. She has seen more trauma and more pain than most people will ever see in a lifetime, which has lead her to be stronger than anyone I have ever met. After a traumatic event takes place the memory is a funny thing, you remember bits and pieces, even have flash backs but it’s all foggy. So she may not even remember what she told me that night but it’s something everyone should hear. My smart and beautiful sister-in-law said; when something happens to you, as horrible as it is, you can either play victim or you can fight to have a good life. You can give up and let what happened to you define you, or you can be better than that.

That’s what she does, she continues to fight. She fights for herself everyday, she fights for her loved ones no matter what Satan throws at her, she fights to keep going when the walls are caving in, she continues to fight—and what better way to honor her husband. What better way to honor the God that woke her up again this morning than to keep on trying.

We may not be able to look at the future yet, it may just be a day—or even an hour but we keep going. We focus on what we have to in order to get through the day. We focus on the things that haven’t been taken from us. Our health, our family, the roof over our heads, the clothes on our bodies, whatever it is that you still have to keep going. Whatever that thing is you still have someone else may be wishing they had it, so we focus on what we have.

One step at a time we rebuild our lives from all the pieces that are left over. We keep our family close and we pick each other up when we can’t do it ourselves, because that is what family is for. We focus on the people that are there for us even when we can’t be there for ourselves.

Life isn’t fair, but we only get one. So we can fight for peace in our lives and we can keep faith that there will be better days—or we can waste it. We can give into the pain instead of looking for the peace. We can focus on the negative in everything or we can take a deep breath and look at what we do have. There will be days where fighting is easy, and there will be days where fighting seems impossible. We just do what we can, and we keep trying.

If none of this makes sense to you then consider yourself fortunate, because the pain is real. It’s what we do with the pain that defines who we are. Life has a way of kicking people when they’re down, and it’s okay to be sad or mad. We just can’t stay there. If you are reading this you are still here which means you have a chance to fight for the life you want. It won’t be easy, and Satan will tell you that you can’t—but our God has already overcame this world, and Satan lies.

The days will be hard, and the nights even harder but we can find peace in the pieces of our life that we still have. We can find peace in the fact that we are worth fighting for, our life is worth fighting for. In Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) The Bible says; “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

You deserve a good life, so keep trying. Keep fighting. We can hold onto the hope that someday it won’t be so hard.

Love, Sarah


*In loving memory of Jason Jon Herman, who dedicated his life to his family and to the youth around him in order to show them how important they were not only to this world—but to Jesus.*

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